REVIEW album Christian Parker Every Passing Mile

'Every Passing Mile' Is Everything You Look For In A Country Album

Every Passing Mile

Christian Parker

Christian Parker's music and lyricism is deliberate and melodic. His talent on the guitar is heard throughout the entire album. His voice is like that of Art Garfunkel with a big Simon and Garfunkel feeling in the first few songs, until we get to the song "Every Passing Mile" then he gives off a Bob Dylan meets The Byrds vibe. He writes each song on the trials and tribulations of everyday life, with lyrics that showcase emotion, tension, and hope.

All 13 songs on 'Every Passing Mile' has an Americana and Country sound built around his guitar. The hooks to each song are memorable and melodic, all the while the music, vocals, and lyrics are in perfect harmony.

If you like music at all, you'll like 'Every Passing Mile."