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Driving indie rock with hooks aplenty

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: "It's been a while since there was a band who could combine the sublime hooks of the Strokes in their pomp with the anthemic bite of the Libertines before it all turned into an episode of Jeremy Kyle, but backed with the classic punch of the LA's at their most melancholic and melodic. Sure, they're not reinventing the wheel here, but when armed with hooks this huge and a sound that will entice even the most cynical Indie fan, things look bright for the 5 piece from East London. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming interview with the band and sample their forthcoming single 'Recover' at the bottom of this article."
dextersEast London 5-piece, Dexters, announce the release of their debut album ‘Shimmer Gold’, out March 17th through Acid Jazz Records preceded by the single ‘Recover’ is released on March 10th. Groups of good time boys and girls, musicians and renegades, vampires and vagabonds throughout the country are rooted in the same, unenviable and rudimentary limbo, frantically scheming, delicately lock-picking and audaciously plotting for the next strike for gold. Dexters have the master keys to that lock. They stole, or in fact borrowed them from the caretaker of a ramshackle school for young tearaways in the rough part of East London they grew up in, a place that feels a million miles from the chattering of the yuppified Hoxton bars just around the corner.  Ladened with infectious indie-rock beats, a strong anthemic chorus and raw melodic charm, ‘Recover’ is just an appetizer to their highly anticipated debut album. ‘Cloudfest’ is a catchy album opener that introduces the listener to an uplifting festival setting. Frontman Tom Rowlett describes ‘Can’t Sleep’ as a ‘monster of a tune’ that is a clear step forward for the band into a slightly different sound, while ‘They're Blind’ he says ‘wouldn’t be out of place on an early My Bloody Valentine or Ride album’ with its heavy vibe and strong guitars. There is also an instant gratis track ‘Never A Right Time’ when you pre-order the album, and an exclusive iTunes track, ‘Miss Black Widow’. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Las, The Libertines, Black Lips and The Strokes, Dexters bring a refreshing modern swagger and youthful enthusiasm to guitar musics current grey landscape. Dexters is formed of frontman Tom Rowlett, guitarists Chris Heggie and Ben Debo, bassist Jamie Harris and drummer Chris Mardon.
CLICK HERE to listen to the sampler for their forthcoming Album 'Shimmer Gold' (Out March 17th) The band are on tour in Mar/Apr -
CLICK HERE for more info. @DEXTERS_band