REVIEW album Glitch Project NBR (Single)

Glitch Project Explore With 'NBR'

NBR (Single)

Glitch Project

'NBR' by Glitch Project is the track that exemplifies how far the two-piece female group have come. The Italian ladies seize the spotlight here, keeping their trademark alt-pop sound and introducing a new darker edge!

The band have grown into a household brand in their genre after taking off like wildfire since their debut. They do things their way, which is why so many people gravitate to their idea. Here, they take their mindfulness research even further, and their music reaches a new level of sophistication, as one could expect considering their tireless studio effort.

The 80s new-wave scene inspires this new piece of music by Glitch Project, and they combine numerous elements from that scene into a concoction of their own components. The electronic intro for 'NBR' begins with a thud. Synths whirl across the mix, accompanied by a foot-tapping percussive beat. As the song progresses, a dance texture leaps out of the speakers in the refrain, making it challenging to resist. The girls adopt a pragmatic approach here, and their music appeals to a wide range of listener types.

Maida, the lead vocalist, is as expressive as ever with her voice. She doesn't hold back when expressing herself, and she sings with an unmistakable intensity. Her storey picks up where previous tracks left off as she investigates both the world and the mind.

Overall, Glitch Project have created a solid new favourite here. Also, it's a good indication of what to expect from them as the year progresses.