REVIEW album Spectral Display Lay All Your Love On Me (Single)

Spectral Display Unleash 'Lay All Your Love On Me'

Lay All Your Love On Me (Single)

Spectral Display

Spectral Display have the pop-rock juice flowing in their new single, 'Lay All Your Love On Me'. It is a single which follows the highly praised, 'It Burns You When It's Hot', and it picks up from where the Dutch band left off in 2021.

'Lay All Your Love On Me' follows in the footsteps of modern electronic pop tracks that delve back to the 1980s. Nevertheless, unlike many other songs now on the charts, the band has an advantage. Furthermore, the band originates from the heyday of the 1980s, so these guys are the real deal!

The music is scintillating, and the band's enthusiasm levels are at an all-time high! They aren't tired of making enthralling pop, and their sound grows with every new release. The vocals are scorching, and Paul Simon performs with a style that many will compare to the best in the business. He reaches for his toolkit with ease, delivering a dynamic vocal that includes equal amounts of low and high notes.

Michel, the music composer, also provides Paul with a great soundtrack! It's no wonder that the two of them get along so well since they've been working together for so long. Also, considering how much they are advancing, they will undoubtedly have a lot more to offer in the coming years.