REVIEW album Kenton Place Haley's Comet (Single)

Kenton Place Pick Up Where They Left Off With 'Haley's Comet'

Haley's Comet (Single)

Kenton Place

Heavy rockers Kenton Place are back at it, and they mean business with their new single, 'Haley's Comet'. The track is from their upcoming new EP, and it is a sign of what to expect from them as the year unfolds.

Heading back to singing duties is vocalist Logan Smalley. On their previous release, 'Done With You', the band decided to recruit Logan's sister, and although she smashed it with potency, it is great to have the leading man back at the front!

'Haley's Comet' is an excellent example of current rock from the United States. It's pure first-pumping rock with riffs that will make your cage rattle for all the right reasons. The guitar begins with a sharper than a serpent's tooth tone! Together with the bass and rhythm guitar, the drums then enter the mix! Logan then appears, and his melodies do not disappoint, generating an earworm in mind.

The lyrics are also powerful, and the language portrays a poignant storey. The band are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, and their ability to come across as authentic pays off! The music and tale-telling become even more prolific as the track proceeds, and by the time it concludes, we're itching to click it again for another run through!

Overall, Kenton Place has delivered a strong performance that has us anticipating future releases.