REVIEW album MARQ Electronica I Thought I Knew It All (Single)

Will Marq Electronica Ever Miss? His Latest Single ‘I Thought I Knew It All’ Proves He Won’t

I Thought I Knew It All (Single)

MARQ Electronica

As time goes on, it’s proving even more difficult to decide which Marq Electronica track I would pick to be my number one. With a string of singles, all varying in styles, Marq is proving to be a defiantly diverse artist. It’s always refreshing to see an artist unafraid to weave between styles and follow where their sound takes them and Marq Electronica is showing how fruitful that can really be. Too often artists get stuck in trying to produce the sound that got them their first hit, yet Marq marches on knowing that each vibe will be as good as the last.

This is totally true for his latest release ‘I Thought I Knew It All’. In this track, Marq showcases the ambient, absorbing side to his sonic landscapes, swaying from the club style tracks of which I’ve come to know and love. Yet, it still has all the staples that construct a Marq Electronica hit. The bass is unwaveringly groovy, yet the repeating cycle creates a real hypnotic undertone. The spacious guitar sweeps over the top, making great use of space within the mix. Sewn into the middle are the intricate acoustic strums that create a percussion feel and slick strings that bolster the texture within the mix. At the heart of this track though, is the outstanding vocal performance from Marq. As ever, he records vocals with such force and feeling. ‘I Thought I Knew It All’ is all about losing someone you loved out of nowhere, so his emotive vocal power hits totally different in this track. Marq Electronica has once again demonstrated a whole new level to his discography. Except, I’ll be adding this one to my feels playlist.