REVIEW album Chris Hill and the Stardust Crush The Gravity Of The Goddess

Psychedelic Single "The Gravity Of The Goddess" Is All About Embracing Growth Within The Dark

The Gravity Of The Goddess

Chris Hill and the Stardust Crush

Chris Hill and the Stardust Crush, the musical community based in Seattle, WA, who's sound transcends genre, from Pop/Rock to Rhythm and Blues or Middle Eastern and Jazz, and utilizes ambient soundscapes to create an ethereal sound space.

He manages to create a sonic space in his new psychedelic single "The Gravity of the Goddess (No One Else Can Dance Like You)," in which he conveys hope and inner growth, referencing the Japanese pottery method known as Kintsugi, the Yellow Brick Road, and emeralds.

After hard times in life, the human experience can make us teeter. The Kintsugi method in pottery is a powerful message. This method of Japanese pottery repairs broken pieces with gold, creating something new instead of throwing it away. This imagery is louder than the music and a beautiful way to symbolize growing from pain. The Yellow Brick Road is the symbol of ones future, shaping your own path as you go through life. The green emeralds represents hope and luck as he sings "You clutch four emeralds in your fist."

The piano riffs in the song are catchy and pleasing to the ear, while the discordant ending represents the rising of your inner warrior, re-strengthening to go back into battle.

Overall, "The Gravity of the Goddess (No One Else Can Dance Like You)" not only gets your body grooving, but it's also rife with meaning and symbolism, more than I've heard in a while. It's beautiful and artistic song to remind us that it's ok to not be ok. We should grow from our pain and not run from it.