REVIEW album Downupright Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot

An EDM And Hyperpop Album From Downupright Is The Unique Sound We Need In Our Day

Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot


Downupright, the EDM and industrial artist from Buffalo, isn't afraid to get experimental. Their core stylings blends EDM, industrial, and hyperpop sounds layered with processes vocals. Their new album, 'Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot,' adds sounds like electro-rock to the mix, creating music you won't hear anywhere else.

Not only does 'Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot' have beats and rhythms that will get you off your feet, but lyrically, Downupright provides in depth stories about anxiety, depression, and frustration.

The album boasts 10 songs, but only 3 tracks. They take their 3 original songs and remix them in collaboration with other EDM artists to create the album.

"Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot" - The most pop-like song on the album, this track is experimental and challenges what you can do in the genre.

"Dirty" - This song has a 4 part harmony, utilizing the processed vocals the most. While it sounds like it shouldn't sound good, it does in a surprising and melodic way. This song is about suddenly not liking someone, or being instantly repulsed by someone, because they do something that makes you want to run from them.

"Wallow" - This song has an electro-rock sound to it and tackles depression. They take on the state of depression where you become reliant on it, you feel good when you feel bad.