REVIEW album The Brouhaha Rain Down (Single)

The Brouhaha Excite With 'Rain Down'

Rain Down (Single)

The Brouhaha

On their new release, 'Rain Down,' London group The Brouhaha play with their music toolkit and produce a sound that combines multiple styles into one.

Moving forward with energy, the band stays well away from the status quo of other industry trends. Furthermore, they consistently accomplish what they enjoy the most, generating sounds that are difficult to compare to anyone else's. The band exemplifies their creativity here, and they manage to forge a new route forward for not only themselves but for other like-minded musicians in the game!

'Rain Down' has an infectious energy and starts with genuine charisma! The guitar lead kicks off the track, and there's a forceful modulated guitar lead that gives a bluesy rock flavour to the foreground of the music. A foot-tapping beat rhythm quickly emerges and, with its brilliant construction, binds us in for the duration. The bass also leaves the head-bopping to the infectious groove it generates.

Callum, the vocalist, is in fine vocal form, and his tone is a perfect fit for the music. He exudes vibrancy, and his smooth voice tones hold everything together while flawlessly melding with the backing harmonisation.

Overall, 'Rain Down' is a standout track from The Brouhaha. It is the fuel we require in our life right now, and it will come as no surprise to hear it booming out of indie basements for quite some time!