REVIEW album Kingdumb Lion In My Heart (Single)

Kingdumb Releases 'Lion In My Heart'

Lion In My Heart (Single)


Kingdumb is quickly emerging from the underground electronic hip hop scene, and his latest offering, 'Lion In My Heart,' hits the mark in an intriguing approach. The new single is the first of Kingdumb in 2022, and it also comes with a b-side, 'Wobbly Bobby'.

In this release, the producer, who is from Swindon, shows off his singing abilities! Also, it is a single with its own distinct style, taking subtle cues from previous tracks while bringing freshness to the forefront of the music world. It also creates a buzz, and as the music progresses, the mix changes shape frequently, and the instrumental introduces new flavours as it builds.

Kingdumb proves that he has a nail-biting vocal capacity, and he recognises when he needs to give it his all on this track. Furthermore, his confidence soars in the chorus, and his message gets even more potent as the song progresses. Also, the singer alternates between soft and harder notes, and his lyrics leave us clutching to him with his motivational narrative hitting home.

Overall, 'Lion In My Heart' is a jewel that merits every accolade it receives. It oozes reviving confidence, and the technique on display is tough to fault. However, an even more significant drop would have been excellent in the end. Nonetheless, it makes a lasting memory and evokes a pleasant emotion that we all require at this time.