REVIEW album Ronni Le Tekro Bigfoot TV

Ronni Le Tekro Delivers Engaging Eclectic Sounds On New Solo Album Bigfoot TV

Bigfoot TV

Ronni Le Tekro

Top-Notch TNT guitar maestro Ronni Le Tekro returns with his first new solo album in 6 years, written and recorded entirely during the pandemic. If you’re wondering if the oddly named ‘Bigfoot TV’ is worth the wait, you won’t be disappointed.

The single, ‘My Life On Long Island' kicks off with upbeat vibes of Summertime rockin’, while ‘Move Like A Cat’ is a more quirky but nonetheless excellent offering. Ronni allows the album to go where the muse takes him, and it’s all the better for it. There’s a passing nod to his influences, with themes ranging from UFOs to environmental issues to endless, mindless TV shows and social media. ‘Not Today’ especially has plenty to say about the less than perfect world we live in, while ‘The Woods’ touches on the importance of nature. It’s clear Ronni won’t be musically pigeonholed with his solo releases (there’s even a harpsichord on one track).

Clearly, he enjoys the opportunity to explore a wider space musically than the confines of TNT’s sound can offer. As you would expect, Ronni surrounds himself with a tight band. All in all, ‘Bigfoot TV’ engages the listener from beginning to end, and how many albums can deliver that quality these days? 'Bigfoot TV' is my highly recommended listening for open-minded rock fans.