REVIEW album Thomas Cole Late To Bloom (Single)

Thomas Cole Proves It Is Never To 'Late To Bloom'

Late To Bloom (Single)

Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole demonstrates that it is never too late to bloom on his new single. It's a track that exemplifies the New Yorker's luminance, and we can't get enough of it since it arrived!

The singer-songwriter is the man with the golden touch, spreading his wings with each new release, and 'Late To Bloom' inspires us to chase our most significant ambitions! It begins with Thomas fast approaching the microphone and reminding us not to give up, and he rises with an electrifying dance overture that fills the air with hope.

Thomas Cole has come a long way vocally since his debut, and while his early releases were engaging, he has never sounded quite as powerful as he does now! Furthermore, his confidence hits an all-time high here, and his captivating delivery sends shivers up the spine.

The music is equally as effective as the vocals, and the regular structural shifts create an adventure that we do not want to stop. Furthermore, the sounds constantly evolve, and the synth plays multiple roles before reaching their boiling point in the refrain.

Lyrically, there is a lot to be said about this release, and it will strike a chord with anyone debating whether or not to give up on their aspirations. But, as the title says, it's never too late to bloom; remember that, folks!