REVIEW album Craig Norris Byrd Remissions

'Remissions' Reminds Me Of Our Humanity And Vulnerability


Craig Norris Byrd

Craig Norris Byrd, the up and coming alternative folk rock singer/songwriter, just released his debut album, 'Remissions.' The 10 track album boasts of catharsis and emotionally open lyrics by Craig. It's a purging of his pain and suffering through art and music. 'Remissions' addresses a blend of issues that Craig has faced, like watching his sister go through a losing battle with cancer, his father's aggressive dementia, and how love can become unrecognizable.

'Remissions' was written, produced, and recorded by Craig with a few talented musicians there to support his work. Byrd is a lifelong creative who has previously channelled his artistic talents into theatre, dance, music, and technically spectacular extravaganza. These days he’s focusing his energies on music and enjoying an outpouring of inspiration.

Here's the tracklist for 'Remissions':
"Fingers" - a conceptual song about our own non-duality awareness.

"Gina Rides a Tiger" - a song written for Craig's sister to sooth her as she lay in hospice dying of breast cancer.

"Three Dreams" - a song that reflects on 3 specific dreams that shaped Craig's life.

"Conseulo" - a Spanish love song written for Craig's wife right after they got married; it's sung entirely in Spanish with a Latin folk sound.

"The Me (You Used to Know)" - a narrative song of lovers that have grown apart and don’t recognize each other anymore can begin to start over.

"Waiting" - a story of longing and loneliness that grows in people when they've been separated for an extended period of time.

"Your Bud" - a song about Craig's father and his mental decline due to dementia. He sings about how they never got to reconnect before his father no longer recognized him.

"Merge" - a deep dive into love beyond the physical

"Entropy" - a song about overcoming stagnation, procrastination, and laziness.

"Lincoln's Lullaby" - a lullaby written for Craig's son, Lincoln, who couldn't sleep one night and requested a lullaby.