REVIEW album Amun El Freedom (Single)

Amun El Stands Up With 'Freedom'

Freedom (Single)

Amun El

Amun El's new single, 'Freedom', takes the Hip Hop world by storm. Captivating from the start, this one from the emerging British talent takes a significant step forward and stands out in an era of uncertainty.

The texture of 'Freedom' is bold, and the energy it generates is evident. Furthermore, the drums kick off the journey with a thumping rhythm that brings a tremendous cadence to the speakers. The floor drum steals the show and sets the tone for Amun El's mesmerising vocal delivery.

Amun's hip hop creations take an innovative approach. He does not sound like anyone else in the scene from the past or even today, and he exploits his creative spark with low octave vocals that grab the ears like a biker's mitt. There isn't much going on at the instrumental, yet it appears omnipotent. Furthermore, the anthemic soundscape is created by only a few instruments, and it is refreshing to hear an artist sound so powerful without the support of a large band.

The lyrics are about fighting for liberation and escaping the captivity many individuals find themselves. The song's fervour is palpable and thought-provoking and reminds us how vital autonomy is for humans. It is a wordplay that strikes a chord from the first second and leaves a lasting impression, one that I will remember for a long time!

'Freedom' is expected to be one of Amun El's numerous releases this year, and it marks the beginning of a new epoch for the British hip hop virtuoso.