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Turbo Fruits Return With Smooth Edged 'No Control'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Turbo Fruits were formed in the late 00's from the dying embers of Be Your Own PeT and very much carried on from where the four-piece left off, quickly gaining a reputation for their manic live shows. I have fond memories of them at Reading Festival in 2007 performing to a packed out tent as a wide-eyed teenager, as they climbed pillars and played on for longer than their set time (!!), which have stuck with me for the eight (EIGHT? I’m getting old…) years since. Guitarist/singer Jonas Stein is the only remaining member from the original lineup, as they release their latest album “No Control”

Their eponymous debut album was a raucous wedge of garage rock, a sound that the band had very much made its own. But on this latest record they've sanded a lot of the rougher edges off of their tunes, something of a departure from their previous albums. Having split ways with their record label after it was suggested that they collaborate with professional songwriters, they teamed up with Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, who put the finishing touches on the album. Carney’s influence is clear, and there are obvious comparisons to be drawn between 'No Control' and some of Black Keys latest releases.

This album is more of a refinement of their trademark sound than a total change, as 'No Control' maintains the matter of fact lyrics that fans would expect of the band, and Stein’s distinctive vocals, although he is now more likely to be singing than shouting, mean that this is very much still a Turbo Fruits album, if one with slightly less distortion than before, and a positive sign of things to come from the band.

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Words by Spike Godding