REVIEW album Deanna Chase Work It Out (Single)

Deanna Chase Releases New Single 'Work It Out'

Work It Out (Single)

Deanna Chase

Deanna Chase's 'Work It Out' brings nostalgic sentiments from the 1990s and early 2000s to the forefront of the scene, and the British musician combines modern textures to give the RnB genre a fresh edge. The vocalist isn't new to the game, but she still has a youthful vigour and enthusiasm that is sometimes lacking in today's pop smashes.

Her vocals are on par with the best, and her exquisite tones and harmonies add to the instrumental's already excellent base. Furthermore, the beat taps away with an indenting cadence, while the rising synth lead and gripping bassline jump out and hold the mix together.

Deanna knows she's going to take us on a journey from the first second, and she doesn't disappoint with a rollercoaster ride that will stay with us for a long time. Furthermore, the melody has a soothing vibe. Yet, Deanna's lyrics are often profound, questioning love and pushing a flame to work it out rather than wasting something great and diverting from the action of throwing it all away.

The singer's lyrics become increasingly meaningful as the song progresses, and the future star leaves no space for misinterpretation with a message that will resonate with many. She also introduces a bevvy of new components that give further flare to the soundscape, which many will compare to the greatest of the past decade's scene.

Overall, this is a splendid release from Deanna Chase, and it gives me a taste of what to expect from future releases as her year unfolds.