REVIEW album Adam Giles Levy Wild Earth (Single)

Adam Giles Levy Stands Up With 'Wild Earth'

Wild Earth (Single)

Adam Giles Levy

'Wild Earth' by Adam Giles Levy is best described as experimental blues-rock and apocalyptic. The British singer-songwriter comes through the speakers with a vigour that is difficult to resist!

Musically, the door is wide open for Adam, who fuses various styles into a unique hybrid texture. Furthermore, when you strip the track down, you'll notice that it has a medley of routes and a direction that aren't all that frequent in the present scene.

It starts with a potent guitar lead that adds a sudden weight to the ears. The drums slam into us with a resounding thud, and Adam's voice welcomes us with open arms. His dramatic and charismatic vocal approach pulls me deeper into his universe, and his vocal timbre adds even more solidity to the experience.

Adam highlights the need to do more to safeguard our planet and remove selfishness from the equation to save the world around us when discussing a problem that affects everyone living on Earth. With his story, he hits with power, and his story creates a sense of urgency to act before it's too late.

The soundscape is often changing, and Adam avoids predictability by frequently switching up his elements. He enters a dreamy bridge in the last section, churning out an elongated vocal, seemingly pleading with the planet to stand up and save us all. His demeanour makes an indelible impression on the soul.

Overall, this is a spectacular release from Adam Giles Levy and one that I will be playing for a long time.