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Music From The Film

Music From The Film

Skylight Motion Picture

The new album from Skylight Motion Picture, called "Music From the Film," is clearly inspired by their love of movie soundtracks and storytelling. Their style and sound immediately grab you and encourage you to get out of your seat and start dancing.

This mostly electronic pop album consists of nostalgic sounds of the 80's with synthetic and bedroom pop stylings while simultaneously employing orchestral and instrumental elements, like the piano, glockenspiels, woodwinds, and strings.

What's most interesting and intriguing about "Music From the Film" is the lyrics and meanings behind the songs. Most of the songs come from a deep questioning of religion and how religious culture shapes you. The songs that are not religious based are seemingly about moving on from heartbreak and pain. The juxtaposition of these lyrics with infectious melodies creates a sense of growth, strength, and moving forward.

"Music From the Film" is beautifully written and produced. You can easily find yourself singing along to some of the songs. It's both contemporary and classic. You can be sure that the album is bound for good things.