REVIEW album Eli Lev Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing (EP)

Eli Lev's Newest Project Inspires Love

Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing (EP)

Eli Lev

Eli Lev's latest musical project, 'Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing,' was inspired by the pandemic and its effects on the world as a whole. He sings about his own experience as an individual and as a musician who life was dramatically changed by the cancellation of live shows. He acknowledges that while we were all disconnected with each other physically, we were connected through our shared experience of isolation.

The first song on the EP, "Be Your Someone" is a folk-pop song with a Jason Mraz meets Bon Ivor feeling about quarantining with your loved ones and figuring out how to co-exist with each other. "Dancin' on the Lawn" is an indie pop song about hope. He's sings about being able to connect through live music again. He sings "we'll be dancin' on the lawn when it happens."

"Move As You Do" takes things down a bit. This indie pop song has a Jason Mraz vibe and reconciles the pace at which people reach life's achievements, like buying a house, having kids, and so on. He sings about moving at your own pace. Life's events will happen at their own speed. "Vacation" has more of an Ed Sheeran style to it. He picks things back up again, singing about finding the joy in the mundane activities that all of a sudden encapsulated our lives.

The last song, "Singing Along for the First Time," wraps up the EP on an upbeat note. He sings about the effect that music has on us, it connects and us and brings a certain happiness and joy into our lives. The folk pop sound makes you want to get up and dance, even sing along.

'Walk.Talk.Dance.Sing' evokes love, joy, and connection. I recommend the EP to anyone who loves music.