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Growing Old Disgracefully... The Prodigy Are Back

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Never let it be said you can't teach an old dog new tricks… The Prodigy’s ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ highlights just how good Keith, Liam, Maxim, Leeroy and Sharky really are.  As a huge fan of 99.9% of their previous work, I had exceptionally high expectations for the album, it doesn’t disappoint!

25 years is a long time in the music industry, making the chaps seasoned pro’s, their experience second to none.  However the evolution of a group over a long period of time provides huge challenges.  Keeping the music as fresh and exciting as the debut, artistic differences within the band, relentless tour schedules and in some cases an ever demanding fan base, who expect a certain level of excellence and originality from all work.  This doesn’t seem to have any effect on The Prodigy as album after album they deliver sheer excellence.

‘The Day Is My Enemy’ provides everything a hard core fan could wish for and more, along with a phenomenal entry for those yet to become as familiar as the rest of us.

Highlights for me have to be “Nasty Nasty” and "Beyond The Deathray" which have everything you'd expect from Prodigy tracks.  Crushing beats, unapologetically in your face, with a relentless energy throughout.  Although this review is a little late to press I haven’t stopped listening to the tracks and revisit them every time I need a boost.  It’s like music caffeine in its purest form!

I’ve been trying to find some faults with the album, but I’m honestly struggling.  The slightest veer from the full on bollock crushing mayhem is “Ibiza” which doesn’t stop the squeeze but does tend to veer towards an almost Mike Skinner’s The Streets type format.  I repeat, it’s still a great track but I’m just trying to provide a small amount of objectivity so you don’t feel I’m working for the chaps.

The album is immense, it takes no prisoners, and with tracks like “Destroy” And “Beyond The Deathray” The Prodigy have delivered another dose of pure genius and I’m now desperately searching to find where I can catch them live at a festival this year.  Absolutely superb.

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Words by Mark Jennings