REVIEW album Everafter ASAP (Single)

London-based Rock Band Everafter's Latest Single ASAP

ASAP (Single)


An exciting talent on the rock music scene, the three-piece band Everafter made their debut in 2010 when, emerging from previous artist projects, brothers Alexis Daperis and Stefan Daperis, and their friend Tim Wiltshire, decided to start a power rock group. Delivering hard-rock bangers brimming with passion and energy, the band are back with their first release of the year, ‘ASAP’. Marking the start of a new chapter in their artist journey, 2022 looks set to be their biggest year yet.

With bold vocals from lead-singer Alexis Daperis that stand out at the forefront of the sonic landscape, the punchy rock-led vocals are accompanied by rhythmic percussive beats and captivating guitar lines that run throughout. Showcasing the band’s artistry and talent, the soundscape is also filled with impressive guitar instrumentals that are brimming with passion and energy. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Nirvana, Metallica and Green Day, ‘ASAP’ brings the classic energy any rock fan won’t be able to resist.

With exciting things in store for the three-piece band, make sure to keep up with all their latest music, news, and releases.