REVIEW album Julia Thomsen Precious (Single)

Julia Thomsen Explores With 'Precious'

Precious (Single)

Julia Thomsen

"Precious" is a new piece by classical composer Julia Thomsen, who has returned to the classical forefront once again. Our senses are quickly transported, and the London-based composer does not disappoint with her irresistible piano appeal radiating through a tight-knit production.

As the composer and environment enthusiast continues to create new music, her reputation develops, and she has been making waves in the British classical music scene since her debut. "Precious" is also creating surges worldwide, and she's putting herself on show here in the best way possible.

'Precious' begins in a straightforward manner. However, it is remarkable how well it functions! The piano also establishes the mood, and its enticing tones reach out to the audience from a prominent location. After that comes the middle segment, which expands on the groundwork laid down in the opener. The standard structure of classical music is followed by many composers; nevertheless, Julia deviates from the norm, exploring and returning with renewed vigour!

The arrangement is indenting, and Julia is unmistakable and significant in her delivery of the message, which is effective. Her style is also very enticing, and it symbolises the importance of the things that surround us in our lives. Towards the end of the piece, the piano's tone beams brightly like a beacon.

Is Julia's latest classical birth, 'Precious', her most stimulating in recent memory? It's undoubtedly in the top tier, and it serves as a preview of what may be expected from her upcoming works, which should be available in the not-too-distant future.