REVIEW album BContheTrack FT. Beaux Feel Me (Single)

BContheTrack Teams Up With Beaux For 'Feel Me'

Feel Me (Single)

BContheTrack FT. Beaux

BContheTrack's fresh new single, 'Feel Me,' is full of R&B feel-good vibes. The track from the American producer and songwriter is everything I've come to expect from him, and he even brings Beaux along for the journey!

A bass arrangement ascends to the top of the mix, meeting a drumbeat that has the hips jiving in a frenzy and a plethora of piano tones that lend further flair to the initial encounter. Beaux then joins the mix, bringing a powerful RnB vocal to the fore. He has a style that many will compare to the best in the scene, but he still stands out with a unique zeal that oozes from every note.

Beaux is in fine vocal form, speaking openly about life and the world around him. His narrative will appeal to anybody who has faced criticism from others while maintaining a solid sense of self-worth. The focus of his story is the consciousness of the potential one possesses and the desire to prove everyone incorrect. The message becomes even more apparent as the song develops, and Beaux solidifies his wordplay with an indenting and refreshing vocal delivery.

Overall, this is a terrific delivery from BContheTrack, and incorporating Beaux into the mix is a great addition and one which they should explore even further in the future. Furthermore, both of them work well together, showing to be not only a collab match made in heaven but also one that will fly to new heights in the months ahead.