OSP Deliver The Fire On Self-Titled Debut EP



Having already made their mark on the scene with the blistering singles 'Breathe' and 'Fill It Up' these last few months, Reading-based brotherhood OSP look to cement their journey so far as they drop their incredible self-debut EP.

From the very start, this new collection makes itself as deliciously diverse endeavour. While the opener 'Breathe' looks to add a sense of flair to the conventional hip-hop sound, it's follow-up 'Fill It Up' is the bold and pulsing anthem we all need to hear right now. The EP's focus track 'When?' also continues this adventurous approach to their sound, adding a luxurious neo-soul edge to their direction with its pounding piano groove.

Capping off with the fun and lively 'Let's Do Something', a fresh and funk-filled pursuit to find yet another angle to explore. It feels that while the group have only just introduced themselves, they are eager not to pigeonhole themselves into any genre, but instead focus on bringing their energetic flows to whatever sound suits them.

It is wildly refreshing to hear something that doesn't just follow the trend of whatever is popular right now. Instead OSP are looking to forge their own path and deliver a string of captivating cuts that bring a inviting energy at every opportunity.