REVIEW album Demons Of Ruby Mae What Goes Unseen

Demons Of Ruby Mae Shine Bright With New Album

What Goes Unseen

Demons Of Ruby Mae

Hailing from Leicester, but now calling Manchester their adopted home, Demons of Ruby Mae return with new album 'What Goes Unseen'. The duo's sound is reminiscent of The National or perhaps Editors, anthemic tracks that gently tug at the heart strings and stay with you.

Album opener 'I'll Meet You There' kicks things off with a slow lament, singer Jonny Gavin asking the object of his affection to run away with him. It's a lovely start.

'Come Home' ups the tempo with a catchy chorus and great backing vocals, you can definitely feel a Manchester influence seeping through in the sound.

Previous single 'Brooklyn' is another highlight. A slow burn of a track, it puts the listener in mind of the aforementioned Editors. The production is really clever, although it feels sparse there's a lot going on if you did a little deeper.

The Depeche Mode-like 'Romance' has an instantly memorable vocal hook "can we be lovers again". It's a wonderful track that builds to a rousing crescendo.

All in all, 'What Goes Unseen' is an incredibly strong album. They might be a duo but their sound makes you feel like there's at least ten of them. It will be interesting to see how this sound translates to the live stage.

Catch them this Friday (April 29th) at Manchester's Deaf Institute for a special album launch show.