REVIEW album Shane Pi Is This Art?

Shane Pi Releases EP, 'Is This Art?'

Is This Art?

Shane Pi

Shane Pi is a newcomer who appears to be on everyone's radar right now, thanks to his new release, 'Is This Art?' which demonstrates his high level of quality for a young artist.

'Is This Art?' is a mesmerising indie music EP that pushes the genre's boundaries. Furthermore, the EP has no limitations, deviating across a wide range of styles and genres to produce a unique hybrid adventure!

Shane's previous single release, 'Company,' kicks off the EP, which features five tunes. 'Company' allows us to enter Shane's world smoothly, and the Nashville-based artist welcomes us with sweeping arms. The drums catch the ear's attention right away, with pop juice dripping from each strike. The guitars come in with a jingly-jangly texture, and Shane takes the lead with a vocal dripping in effects but compels for all the right reasons.

'You Own Devices' follows, and it adds extra emotion to the occasion, allowing us to disconnect from the chaos of the current world, and Shane's vocal performance takes us far from our surroundings. 'Say Goodbye' has a contagious funky aura, and the melody that emerges in the opener lodges itself deep in the mind.

The atmosphere of 'A Way Out' is similar to that of a track from Damon Albarn. It carries us to dreamworld, and we wake up with the closing tune, 'Made For You'. The final track features a guitar lead that serenades the airwaves and a final vocal delivery from Shane that proves the rumours are true: he is one not to be missed!