REVIEW album Von Venn Ghost (Single)

Von Venn's New Single 'Ghost'

Ghost (Single)

Von Venn

'Ghost' is the latest number from Von Venn. Here, the group take us into a new space of indie with their innovative approach. As a result, this track pops with solid charisma and relatable lyricism, which many will find hugely prevalent.

Singing with his gallantry on his jacket, Gary Cox smashes it out of the park from the get-go! He is dripping with passion, and his message lodges itself deep. His standout confidence is on display here, with him singing with a poignant factor many will find hard to fault.

The track gets underway with a rising synth lead and a piercing guitar lead. Sitting on top of the robust foundation and also starting quickly is a top-class vocal from Gary. Here, Gary sets the tone, and he kicks off his storytelling journey in a captivating fashion.

Gary truly shines like a beacon in the chorus, often hitting the sweet spot with his substantial octave range. The melody, too, grips, and it is hard to let go of it with it frequently popping into the mind many hours after listening. Cleverly, Gary takes influence from the greats in the game, yet he brings a unique angle to the genre, which many will not have come across previously. Yes, vocally, he is not reinventing the wheel, but he adds plenty of unique characteristics which help the group stand out among their peers.

Overall, it is a glorious release from the up and coming group. Von Venn get their message across conspicuously, and they leave me itching for more once it concludes.