REVIEW album Courtney Cotter King Brood

Courtney Cotter King Delivers A Uniquely Beautiful LP in 'Brood'

Courtney Cotter King, the singer/songwriter from Mesa, Arizona, is so connected to music that her songs practically write themselves. It's no wonder that she draws inspiration from her family, both the one she's created and the one she was given. She is a mom of 3 (with a 4th on the way) and hopes to inspire moms that creativity doesn’t have to stop when kids are created. She humorously balances gigging with nursing and finger painting with songwriting.

She just released her LP, 'Brood.' As the name suggests, it's based on her family, especially her husband. The fun and light song plays with masculinity and femininity as she sings "Light as a feather, when we’re together" behind his "gentle giant, nice grizzly bear" stature. It's an ode to how her husband makes her feel and how she interprets femininity.

"Man and Wife" has a catchy 1920's jazz feeling with horns, percussion, piano, and Courtney's sugary yet soulful vocals. Also dedicated to her husband, this song is about the bonds of marriage and keeping things light, interesting, and fun. "Southern Love" is a jazzy song though more piano forward than "Man and Wife." The visual lyrics tell a story of two lovers working side by side to share and build a life together. This is, of course, based on her own life with her real husband.

Listen to her other songs, each more beautiful than the last. You get some ballads in "Conversation" and "Wanderer" and some more upbeat and fun songs in "Electric Feet" and "Fine Breed." This LP has something for everyone.