REVIEW album Norine Braun Songs For Trees

Norine Braun's New Album Is Full Of Spirit And Reflection

Songs For Trees

Norine Braun

Norine Braun is Vancouver's native artist, who just released her 13th full length album, 'Songs For Trees.' Her motivation for the album was climate change, hoping to make an impact and make a change for the future. To help inspire that change in her listeners, she takes us on a walk through the west coast forests.

The conceptual album is all beyond brilliant. She manages to visualize the forest and trees, personifying them in a way that's thought provoking and honest. What stands out to me about this album is the ambient noise bridging the full length songs. This simple, yet powerful choice elevates the album to a place no other has gone.

She wrote each song dedicated to a certain tree, like Aspen's in "Aspen Grove" and the coastal Douglas Fir in "Sex in the Forest." While each song examines a different tree, it's a symbolic walk through the spiritual aspects of trees and their images of strength. They are big, they are rooted, and they serve as a home to many.

'Songs For Trees" is unlike any other album I've ever heard. It's beautiful and genius. It really has you thinking about nature and how we are one with it. The jazz, synthetic pop, and folk singer/songwriter sounds gives it a sense of groove, evoking the feelings of walking through a forest.