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Brooklyn based Death-Metal outfit PYRRHON come out fighting with new record.

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Death-Metal outfit Pyrrhon unleash ''The Mother of Virtues' from their Relapse Records home and issue a challenge to the rest of the genre for a response.

1978669_10152052103127151_1616476993_n Death-Metal is a weird old genre. The layman would picture Norwegian men adorned in spikes and leather, facepaint and church burnings – instead, taking root in hardcore, adding a hefty layer of terrifying metal and baking in an oven of uncompromising misery for a good few hours gives you a genre that is as densely musical as you can get, yet hidden under onion layers of dirge, noise and sonic self-sabotage. Is it any wonder the bands in it are so untouchably distant? Pyrrhon seem to have grabbed the genre by the horns and turned it inversely into a weapon of their own handling and control and set it free and angry Cat-amongst-The-Pgeons of their peers and friends. This is a band who have created with “Mother Of Invention” something quite magnificently brutal yet unarguably musical, and yet something terribly impenetrable. Hidden amongst the dark beats and riffs lives real music, real energy and groove, but the layers of noise that is caked upon it makes the going rough. Tracks like BLAKANIZED give you hints and moments of real intelligent musical nuance, but its not enough to allow you to “Enjoy” this album, its hard to anjoy when you are trying to endure. Imagine if you will Mars Volta at their most improvisational, but tweaking on acid and channeling the sounds and music of Cradle Of Filth through a jazz filter. Now imagine if Dillinger Escape Plan were to do it, but off their tits on Downers and Bleach… Somewhere between the two Pyrrhon live. This is uncomfortable, uncompromising and sometimes unlistenable. it is never bad, it is always challenging and I think it nails the genre on the head and crowns these guys as a band who are set to shake the whole sound and scene up. God help whoever tries to take on the crown. 7/10