REVIEW album Sabi Pitt Keep On

Sabi Pitt Releases New Album 'Keep On'

Keep On

Sabi Pitt

Sabi Pitt, the Caribbean singer-songwriter, is back with his new album, 'Keep On'; pop juices are flowing by the barrel load!

With its groovy textures, danceable rhythms, and thought-provoking tales from the singer who took the world by storm during the epidemic with his release, 'Change The World,' the album brings the world together.

The first single from the new album, 'Keep On,' has a nostalgic dance vibe while still being contemporary. It brings back fond memories and prepares us for a brighter future and the coming summer months. Sabi also reiterates that we should all keep moving forward and never lose sight of the positives.

'Touch,' which appears four tracks into the record, transports us far from our seats and delights us with its tranquil journey. Sabi's alluring vocals soothe the ears, and he blends in smoothly with the pleasant tones that soar in the background. The supporting harmonies give the encounter even more weight, and it's difficult not to sway to the infectious cadence.

'The First Time We Made Love' takes a detour with a piano accompaniment before launching into Sabi Pitt's sweet vocal. He has a dreamy voice approach here, and his lyrics focus on romanticism. The penultimate tune, 'Two Can Play,' has the listener's feet tapping in a frenzy, and the strong bass line rumbles the speakers for all the right reasons.

The album's concluding track, 'Me And My Guitar,' is pure joy, and the feel-good ambience sends shivers up the back of the neck. It also stands out and makes us want to push the replay button.