REVIEW album Joanna Ramirez On My Way

'On My Way' Keeps You On Your Feet

On My Way

Joanna Ramirez

The bluesy, soul, and R&B album from Joanna Ramirez, 'On My Way,' is infectious and groove-laden. The 11 track album is reminiscent of Stevie Wonder and Prince with an Erykah Badu vibe. Every song makes you want to get out of your set and dance.

Joanna's vocals are powerful. You can hear that she's grounded in her voice as it comes from a place of growth. She utilizes music the way it was intended. The music will converse with itself in each song, like in "Sixteen Years," "Whaddoi," and "Happy." The strings, horns, percussion, and piano all mesh together in a beautiful way. They connect on a level that's not common in today's commercial music. She understands that way music harmonizes with itself and allows them to take lead.

The songs on 'On My Way' were all taken from songs Joanna had previously written though never released during her 20 years in music. Thematically speaking, they are all empowering and eye-opening when it comes our own growth and worth. The title song, "On My Way," is about wanting to give up, but not being able to because the inner drive is too strong and that desire is too loud to ignore. "Ride" is about loving who you are and getting out of the status quo. It's ok to be yourself. "Sunday" is about how love never dies, how some of the feelings of platonic and romantic love never goes away.

'On My Way' really is a remarkable album. It's funky and poetic, groovy and thought-provoking. It's a masterful album and one for fans of R&B and soul.