REVIEW album The Fur Night Eyes Paradise (Single)

Enigmatic Artist The Fur Leaves Me Spellbound With Latest Release ‘Night Eyes Paradise’

Night Eyes Paradise (Single)

The Fur

The latest single from enigmatic Swedish artist The Fur, whose real identity remains somewhat of a mystery, is an ode to the city of New York. He visited the city for the first time in 2011 and fell in love with it immediately. One night when he was crossing Williamsburg Bridge, he stumbled upon an inscription on one of the rails that read ‘Night Eyes’ which he took a photo of… a treasured memento of his visit ever since, which now, for the first time lives and breathes within this musical creation.

Before starting the song, The Fur found himself unpicking the meaning of this unusual phrase. Usually at night you’re asleep so it could refer to things you see when dreaming (memories, fears, your own life passing by in strange formations). Moreover, the symbol of the owl is an intrinsic part of The Fur's imagery and also his logo... a creature with night vision.

It seemed like a natural thing to do to hook up with a friend and fellow Swedish vocalist who lives in New York - vocals are recorded in her apartment there - meaning that this city is literally WITHIN the song. The lyrics are a mix of love for New York and also memories for past things in your life; how you wish some things would come back…

This nostalgia-tinged track is impossible to ignore. If you haven't yet heard of The Fur, you have now.