REVIEW album Spectral Display Back On My Feet (Single)

Spectral Display Release 'Back On My Feet'

Back On My Feet (Single)

Spectral Display

With their energetic new delivery, 'Back On My Feet', Dutch electronic pop group Spectral Display seizes the moment and takes no prisoners with their upfront performance. The track takes the band to new heights of confidence, and their enthusiasm is evident from the outset.

The summer song 'Back On My Feet' comes just in time for the warm months ahead, and the energy it generates quenches the thirst of everyone who come across it. Furthermore, it begins with a clap beat rhythm that synergizes with electronic synth loops. The grooves suddenly kick into high gear, and singer Paul Simon shines with his current and compelling vocal approach.

Many people will relate to this song since Paul conveys a message of going back to one's best and finding fresh found optimism after the upheaval of previous years. The lyrics written by Prince Chapelle hit with intensity, and the wordplay perfectly suits the tone of the sound that Michel Mulders creates.

There is also a futurist aspect to this track, with many components displaying futuristic charm. To make it even more interesting, Michel integrates a plethora of unconventional elements to create a combination of old school and futuristic sounds. The excitement levels soar as the track progresses, and the vocal layering in the final sections cements the tune deep into the psyche; it is an earworm encounter that will have you yearning for more of one it concludes.

Overall, 'Back On My Feet' is overflowing with wonderful energy and can't go wrong!