REVIEW album Gary Meyers Desperado's Shade

Gary Meyer's 'Desperado's Shade' Brings Back Memories

Desperado's Shade

Gary Meyers

Gary Meyers, or artistically known as Dirty Flamenco, has been working on his Spanish Rumba and Flamenco music for 10 years under the inspiring tutelage of the preeminent Maestro Rene Heredia—the man credited with bringing flamenco to Colorado in the 1960s.

Gary recently released his new world music, Spanish Rumba, and flamenco stylized album, 'Desperado's Shade.' It's completely compelling and calming. It's music you have on repeat at all times due to it's audio storytelling. While there aren't any lyrics, the way Gary plays the guitar acts as the lyrics of the song. Each picking of the strings and the sequence of chords and notes create a unique journey in each song.

Most of the songs on the 10 track album incorporates some sort of musical aspect that creates a time and space for the listener to put themselves in.

In "Pyramid Secrets," he gives me a feeling of being in Ancient Egypt and living the life of an aristocrat by incorporating minor chord progressions and the triangle. In "Cliff's Edge," he gives me a feeling of being on a cliff's edge by giving us a conversation between percussion and melody, the percussion representing being on the cliff's edge and the melody representing safety a couple feet back. In "Dancer's Moon" he uses swirling synths in the background with maracas and a slow guitar guiding the song. He really puts a picture in your head of a couple dancing under the light of the moon.

If you're looking for music that takes you on a journey, Gary Meyer's 'Desperado's Shade' is the album for you. It really is a beautifully structured and produced album that fills you with joy and a sense of adventure.