REVIEW album Randie O'Neil Full Moon Rising

'Full Moon Rising' Is A Raw And Honest Collection Of Songs

Full Moon Rising

Randie O'Neil

Randie O'Neil is nothing short of honest and real when it comes to her music. The Americana and folk artist puts her whole self into her music and her lyrics, creating an open and safe space for her listeners to see her true self and examine their own.

Randie has a Dolly Parton meets Brandi Carlisle meets Joni Mitchel sound to every aspect of her songwriting and music. Her new album, 'Full Moon Rising,' showcases this sound in a fun yet thoughtful way. 'Full Moon Rising' was written during the pandemic and examines the social, personal, and human changes we all had to go through.

The album has 6 songs, each with their own story. "Queen (of the Barstool Two-Step)" examines how the nightlife changed when the pandemic hit, how loneliness really took hold in a lot of people, especially artists. "Sidewalks" is more about Randie's own experiences as she couldn't go out and be with people or go on the sidewalks and let them guide her. This song grasps the metaphorical sidewalk we all now walk. She hopes the sidewalk will guide one again.

The title song, "Full Moon Rising," has a gospel-like feeling to it. She utilizes a chorus and repeats the chorus “I feel it rising over me.” It's upbeat and empowering. "Whispers" has a Dolly Parton vibe with a country twang in every aspect of the song, from her vocals to the guitar itself. This song explores the people in relationships and how even though people are together they are unable to connect.

"Treat Me Right" is the most upbeat of the six songs and closes out the album. It's a Dixie Chicks meets Go Go Girls country rock anthem that's full of sass. Randie lays everything a girl wants in a relationship out without any question or hesitation.

'Full Moon Rising' is a beautiful compilation of songs that covers the human experience during the pandemic well. It's a must listen!