REVIEW album Glitch Project Shivers (Single)

Glitch Project Give Me The 'Shivers' With New Single

Shivers (Single)

Glitch Project

Glitch Project, the alternative pop duo, are pushing the boundaries of not just their sound but also the genre with their latest release, 'Shivers'. The tune exemplifies the star power developing on Italian soil, as the girls proudly represent both their homeland and female indie music.

'Shivers' is a touch different from their previous releases in that it taps into a more dance aesthetic as it lands with even more distinction. As a consequence, the duo have grown more surprising with each new release, which is why so many fans are anxiously anticipating new announcements from the breakthrough band.

The music begins with a pulsing overture, a hip jiving rhythm, and a hushed voice sample that adds startling urgency to the meeting. The pace slows somewhat until a lead voice from Maida emerges from the studio floor. On the other hand, Federica quickly dials up the volume with a musical push that will have you clutching the closest object.

The structure of the music swings and turns as it proceeds, and there are a plethora of sounds that take hold of the limelight as it progresses. With its addictive vocal hook, the mix is irresistible and produces an earworm experience. When it comes to the ending stanza, the music blends flawlessly with Maida's vocal delivery and the wordplay, which, although somewhat ambiguous, strikes a chord and draws us back in for more.

Overall, Glitch Project have outperformed even the wildest of expectations, demonstrating that they have the golden ticket to the top.