REVIEW album Her Skin Heavy Hearted (Single)

Her Skin's 'Heavy Hearted' - ONE TO WATCH!

Heavy Hearted (Single)

Her Skin

Her Skin’s newest release ‘heavy-hearted’ acts as the perfect backdrop for anyone that finds themselves at a romantic crossroads and can only cope by taking a dramatic stroll in the rain. The song’s progression and storytelling has a cinematic quality to it, setting an angsty tone at the outset with a mellow, percussive beat before quickly shifting to a vibe reminiscent of a 90’s alternative rock song as that beat drops and the song concludes.

Whilst the song is short and sweet, Her Skin uses repetition in her lyricism to portray the cyclical nature of trying to move on from someone you don’t quite feel finished with yet. Penning “But you’re in my thoughts / And you never go away / You’re in my thoughts / And you never go away,” we see a woman falling victim to her own intrusive thoughts of person who she loved, yet may not have existed in the capacity she believed. Through this idea, all listeners can relate to curating the moments we choose to remember with a loved one once they have left us, making the abandoned partner all the more vulnerable.

Her Skin’s gives her voice a breathy quality throughout the song, as if she’s singing with this heaviness in her heart that she’s describing. This heaviness is present due to the fact that she carried the emotional weight of this relationship right up until its demise and beyond. This person has left her, and yet she is still not yet free.

As the musical tone and quality of the song shift in its fourth quarter, we see a hint of acceptance in Her Skin’s final line, singing, “I can never make you stay.” While she is seen to be holding on to this person in every intangible way possible, she’s aware of the fact that they are not actually there, and never will be: a simultaneously painful yet beautiful reality.

Her Skin’s heavy-hearted succinctly sums up the internal battles one can face as they navigate finding closure for themselves, and can only be described as a must-listen.