REVIEW album Louise Havell Everything's Gone (Single)

Louise Havell Stares Into The Soul itself With The Moving Single 'Everything's Gone'

Everything's Gone (Single)

Louise Havell

Louise Havell is a yet undiscovered talent- a singer songwriter based in London but who has travelled across the globe accumulating a wealth of rich experiences which she beautifully incorporates into her music. Think about the intricate artistry of Kate Bush (herself back in the spotlight recently) and Tori Amos and you'll be on the right lines.

New single “Everything’s Gone” is an emotional heartstring-puller inspired by Havell's encounter with a homeless man. This meeting made her wonder about how unpredictable 'slings and arrows' can change a life forever. Also it's about regret and loss and 'what could have been'. Havell manages to take a deep gaze into past, present and future and a moving glimpse into the secrets of the soul itself.

The song is very 'soulful-y' sad, evoking feelings of being bereft and a spiralling feeling of loss. This is heightened by the use of multi layered gospel-inspired vocals sending you helplessly downwards into an ever deepening journey through loss. Oh my heart.

There is a beautiful poetry to Louise Havell's music which is quite bewitching and evocative. Her forthcoming EP “Shooting With Lives” is out later this month and it will be interesting to see if the heart-wrenching emotion conveyed in this single runs through her other work. Recommend.