REVIEW album Dear Daria Can I Be Frank?

'Can I Be Frank?' Gives A Kick Of Nostalgia

Can I Be Frank?

Dear Daria

Dear Daria is the 90's style pop rock band that reeks of nostalgia and better times. Their new album, 'Can I Be Frank?' gives all the satisfaction of a pop rock album that's just as fun as it is real.

They are playful with songs like "Delaware," a Panic! at the Disco type song inspired by the classic movie and SNL series, 'Wayne's World,' and "John Hughes," a contemporary 80's music style song that's an ode to the director and his movies. "Best Life" is the most pop-like on the the album and is a fun take on living life to the fullest.

They also get a little serious, or as serious as they can, in "Dopamachine," a Paramore style song, they sing about the effects of technology and social media on us as a society and how it creates a sense of dopamine addiction. “Vai Se Foder” is led by the bass and a minor chord progression. It's about hiding behind lies and shame, seemingly about a certain president...

They show their range lyrically in 'Can I Be Frank?' while maintaining a sense of the past, a sense of better days, a feeling of remembrance. You can't help but dance to the music and each song builds on the last. It's both easy listening and thoughtful music.