REVIEW album Alicia Daydreams Maze (Single)

Alicia Daydreams Casts Her Spell With 'Maze'

Maze (Single)

Alicia Daydreams

Alicia Daydreams' new pop single, 'Maze,' mesmerises. With this latest release, the UK vocalist rivals some of the game's greatest singers, shedding light on the breakthrough star who is still just 16 years old.

The star who is rising at rapid speed captivates with a new fresh aura that emerges out of the underground with a particular flavour in 'Maze,' which delves into a contemporary soundscape with a multitude of styles that many will compare to that of the current chart show. The melody is bright and shines as it goes, with Alicia hitting it out of the park with a delivery that leaves a lasting impression on the soul.

Alicia Daydreams compares her relationship to that of a "maze", frequently feeling stuck and fighting to find a way out of the turmoil, as she speaks frankly about battling difficulty and finding for solutions to get out of a dilemma. She's also having trouble figuring out how to move ahead, but musically, she's found her stride, and she doesn't disappoint with her outstanding performance on this track.

Her voice is brimming with emotion, and her enthusiasm shines through in every detail of the production. Additionally, the extra vocal layering adds a comforting harmony that wraps around the ears like a cosy blanket on a chilly evening. Her vocal tone is right up there with the finest in the business right now, and if this single is any indication, there's no reason why she won't be at the top in the years ahead.