REVIEW album Julia Thomsen Tender Love (Single)

Enter Utopia With Julia Thomsen's 'Tender Love'

Tender Love (Single)

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen has a way of mesmerising everyone who comes across her lovely compositions, and she does so again with her new release, 'Tender Love.' It's a lovely early summer treat that will have even the most jaded listeners unable to resist discovering newfound beauty.

'Tender Love' is a stunning journey that transports the listener far from their current location and toward utopia. The smooth piano tones stream through the speakers like a tranquil river passing through a country hotspot, and Julia's passionate performance gets the emotions pouring. The composer, who has over 3 million Spotify streams, is on the rise, and for a good reason: she consistently provides top-quality earworms.

Julia passionately reflects the world around us and the beautiful sides of life that are frequently neglected by the iniquities and sadnesses of our times, beginning with a slow rise on the piano. It's refreshing for a composer to focus on the beauty around us rather than the doom and gloom, giving us a break from the cataclysm we face every day.

As the music proceeds, the composition becomes progressively more delicate, and the high tones that appear midway through the track lend even more searing emotion to the experience. Julia has been utilising this technique for quite some time, and it is most certainly one of the reasons why she is now considered a household name in the modern classical movement.

Overall, 'Tender Love' is a gem that keeps on giving and will echo for quite some time as the summer months pass.