REVIEW album Judy Pearson My Guiding Key (Single)

Judy Pearson Releases 'My Guiding Key'

My Guiding Key (Single)

Judy Pearson

Judy Pearson, based in the United Kingdom, shines a light on young talent and solidifies her place in the industry with her new single, 'My Guiding Key.'

The release is full of emotion, and Judy's self-assurance is at an all-time high. Also, currently located in the capital after growing up in Nottingham, Judy has the key to future growth with prowess that many are already comparing to Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams.

Judy brings plenty of unique zeal and spirit to her performance while keeping her influences subtle, and it is one of the qualities that helps her stand out from other peers in the same genre. Furthermore, her vocals bring a new radiance to the forefront of the indie-pop scene, and she isn't afraid to give it her all, as exemplified here.

'My Guiding Key' begins as it intended to go on, with Judy's heavenly vocals hitting the ears in rapid succession. The lead vocal layers itself on top of a rising synth lead, which takes me into a nail-biting instrumental. The single has an 80s vibe to it, and the music has a striking resemblance to early Madonna albums.

In the chorus, the intensity levels surge, and Judy gets a lot off her chest in the refrain. She speaks openly about looking for a direction and how she is planning to navigate her way forward. Finding our actual path in 2022 can be challenging, especially considering the abundance of options. Judy hits the nail on the head with her wordplay here.