REVIEW album Little Moses Jones City Or Country (Single)

Little Moses Jones Releases 'City Or Country'

City Or Country (Single)

Little Moses Jones

Little Moses Jones, the musical prodigy from Ohio, has me utterly intrigued with his most recent record, 'City Or Country'. This track showcases the high-calibre talent he has been working on since he first got his foot in the door of music at the age of five.

It's worth mentioning how well 'City Or Country' manages to pull off the effect of combining various musical genres and styles. It contains undertones of R&B, Funk, and Pop, along with some nostalgic elements of hip-hop thrown in for good measure, and it creates a flavour that makes one feel incredible.

It starts with a drum rhythm that will have you tapping your feet, and then it transitions into an arrangement of piano that is passionately radiating. Moses Jones gives a spectacular performance with his vocals, and his warm tones lure us into the mix and set the stage for the remainder of the piece. His technique is on a level with the most impressive performances in the world, and his passion creates an experience that many will remember for a long time.

In this song, Moses candidly discusses his life, his experiences, and the need to prioritise taking pleasure in life to the fullest despite the gloom and evil that exists in the world. The energy levels also increase as the song progresses, with the serotonin reaching new highs in the mid section.

This performance, which previews what listeners might anticipate from Little Moses Jones's subsequent releases, has been excellently executed and is not one to miss!