REVIEW album Rofi James Who Am I To You? (Single)

Rofi James' New Single, 'Who Am I To You?'

Who Am I To You? (Single)

Rofi James

The most recent song released by Rofi James, 'Who Am I To You?' which features a catchy and infectious sound, is out now! Because of their contagious enthusiasm, these men hailing from Ireland are reaching new heights with each new release, and this one is no exception!

With the release of 'Who Am I To You?', the three-piece band introduces a new wave of energy to the indie-pop genre that many are welcoming at the forefront of the present music industry. The beat of the palm-muted guitar establishes the tone for the song, and it sets the tone for the rest of the piece. Also, when the lead vocal enters, I relax into my seat and excitedly anticipate what will come next in the performance.

The foot-tapping speed that comes from the drums will make it difficult for even your grandmother to resist the impulse to tap her feet in time with the music. Also, when the song comes to its conclusion, the catchy melody and the engaging lyrics leave me yearning for more, instantly influencing us to hit the replay button for another fix of Rofi James.

This new one from Rofi James is, without a doubt, one of the most remarkable examples of indie-pop emerging today. Also, although it has an eerily similar sound to some of the best songs that have emerged from this genre in the past, it still has enough of its own personality to propel its way forward in the months ahead.