REVIEW album Wurmy Wormfield and Friends For You, The Garden

Wurmy Wormfield's 'For You, The Garden' Is An Example Of Beautiful Storytelling

For You, The Garden

Wurmy Wormfield and Friends

Charles Herman-Wurmfeld has not been known for his musical escapades, but you may have heard of him. Charles directed 'Kissing Jessica Stien,' 'Legally Blonde 2,' 'Fancy's Persuasion,' and 'The Hammer,' among other films. He's a natural storyteller and artist. It's not too much of a stretch then when he turned his attention toward creating music.

He just released his debut album 'For You, The Garden,' under Wurmy Wormfield, an art pop, folk, indie, and alternative collection of songs inspired by a community garden he helped create in 2008. He was so inspired by the garden he had to direct that energy somewhere and so he wrote a children's album.

It's an interesting album, as there's a strong sense of story in it. He uses music and poetry to bridge each song together. It's not just about music or lyrics, but also a message of hope, empathy, love, and change. He sings about climate change, the life cycle, and the animal kingdom at every size.

There is no clear genre. He plays around with different moods and instrumentation. The album has a piano ballad in "No One Too Small," a folk-pop song in "Good Morning, I Love You," and even 80's stylized synth-pop in "Joshua Tree." He uses the music to take us on a different leg of the story.

It is a children's album, but there are strong themes that even adults still need to grasp, almost like we adults are still learning. He invites us to do it alongside our children. It's clear that his children inspire him and are his muse.