REVIEW album Patrick McLaughlin Just Like The Record

'Just Like The Record' Is Full Of Surprises

Just Like The Record

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin is the Columbus, Ohio-based blues rock singer/songwriter who just released his new album 'Just Like the Record.' The album is specifically and delicately crafted so that no two songs would sound the same or give you the same feeling while listening. It has an essence of funk, blues, rock, and americana in the basic structure, but each song definitely stirs up different moods and style combinations.

Patrick's voice is soulful and captivating. It almost has a Randy Newman feeling to it with so much soul and power behind it. Lyrically speaking, he pulls from broad ideas. "Everybody's Broken" is about how everyone has their own problems, but you are not alone, we are all in this together. "Soul Serving" is about how our soul tells us what we need, that we can overcome anything that ties us down. "Bar Room Dream" is about where we put our attention towards others, there are many people we encounter that push and pull our attention in different ways.

Much like "Bar Room Dream," each song pulls your attention in a new direction. While no song is the same, the album definitely blends together cohesively. There is no sense of musical whiplash in 'Just Like the Record.' Everything feels like it belongs. What ties each song together is the blues guitar and the funky keyboard.

'Just Like the Record' is one that you could listen to on repeat and not even realize that time has passed. The music is catchy, Patrick's voice is titillating, and his lyrics are poetic and meaningful. Nothing is on accident in this album and you can actually hear the efforts, passions, and love for his craft.

Anyone who has any love for music will love Patrick McLaughlin and 'Just Like the Record.'