REVIEW album Ben Harold & The Rising These Days

'These Days' Explores Humanity And The Human Condition

Ben Harold & The Rising is the americana and roots rock band from Milwaukee whose latest album, 'These Days,' explores the human condition and its many complexities during these hard times. They album really dives deep into the humanity with stories everyone can relate to.

'These Days' consists of 10 songs. There are a few that are more personal to Ben Harold than the rest. "Just a Ghost" was inspired by Ben's own mother, who gave up her dreams and pieces of herself to raise Ben and his siblings alone. "On the Run" a tuneful soft rock song, reminiscent of Counting Crows, about what we say about freedom. Who are we to tell a woman what she can do with her life? "On the Run" speaks on that.

"Melody in Silence" takes on Ben's experience with two homeless men that he spent the day with in downtown Milwaukee. It has a gospel-like quality to it with the organs and light and sparse guitar. It's dedicated to those whose songs are never heard, whose voices are never heard, and who are never really seen.

“Steady As She Goes,” featuring Merissa Marx, is the heartland ballad captures the hopefulness that never fades in humans, or any situation. It is the best song to close the album to as it really leaves you feeling like humanity isn't completely dead and that there is good out there.

'These Days' is a beautifully crafted album that leaves you feeling seen and heard while seeing and hearing others too. It brings us close together and creates empathy in the listener. This album is one for anyone and should be heard by as many as possible.