REVIEW album Kihmy Alone With My Pillow (Single)

Kihmy's Powerful Single 'Alone With My Pillow'

Alone With My Pillow (Single)


Swiss-born artist and producer Kihmy grew up in Italy, where she started writing music and playing keyboard as a youngster. She was initially influenced by electronic music like House and Techno, but was later in awe of Hip-Hop culture, leading her to become interested in the music genre too. Her musical knowledge also extends to other genres like Funk, Soul, and R&B, all of which have an influence on her own music.

Her brand new track ‘Alone With My Pillow’ is an honest and open piece of music in which she lays bare her emotions. Expressing her vulnerability, she gently plays the piano with such feeling it sounds as if she’s speaking through the keys as she presses them. Each note tells a story. The verses’ lyrics portray a sense of confusion and sadness, matched by the soft and graceful piano, not to mention the haunting stringed sound effects and the piano chords that are then played over the intro's twinkly parts, adding another layer to the soundscape.

The chorus takes us up a notch, as the drumbeat speeds up significantly and the lyrics become more direct, as Kihmy asks her love interest why they aren’t being more straight forward with her. She needs answers, and she’s using her powerful, deep-ocean singing voice to demand them.

This is a beautiful, well-rounded song by a clearly talented artist. Keep an eye out for the upcoming music video for this track.