REVIEW album Bad Mary Rock And Roll Classics Vol. 7

Bad Mary - A Multi-Generation Genre-Jumping Pleasure Trip

Rock And Roll Classics Vol. 7

Bad Mary

Bad Mary delivers another fireball of covers as they pay tribute to bands and songs they love. Rock And Roll Classics Vol. 7 features Blondie’s “Call Me”, Cream’s “White Room”, Queen’s “Tie Your Mother Down”, The Go Go’s “We Got The Beat”, The Misfits “Hybrid Moments”, and Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff”. As the band shows off their chops on Vol. 7, they are also paving the way for an EP of all-new material Trash and Glamour, which will be out in the fall of 2022.

Bad Mary is not your typical line-up which is fine because they are not a typical band. The seasoned and genre-jumping unit is lead vocalist Amanda Mac, with her husband Mike Staub on bass, her dad Bill Mac on drums, and her Hofstra University professor David Henderson on guitar. How’s that for not typical?

For those just now joining the Bad Mary party, they rock, pop, and punk their way through generations of songs of Vol. 7. When it comes to their original stuff, they mix it up pretty good there too. They’re making a name for themselves by mixing passionate and skilful musicianship with a fun, fast, and loud attitude that shines through in every song.

Now let’s get back to Vol. 7. “Tie Your Mother Down” kicks the door open as the opening track, before “We Got The Beat” gets you on your feet dancing. Then there is the unyielding punk-rock vigor of “Hybrid Moments”, Mac’s powerhouse vocals on the Blondie classic “Call Me”, and when Daddy Mac steps out from behind the drums and takes the mic for Cream’s “White Room” with his daughter Mac singing back up and some truly inspired guitar playing by Professor Henderson, it’s a pleasure trip for all.

They kicked off 2022 with the release of Rock And Roll Classics Vol. 6 where they put their spin on songs done by Blondie, Splendora, The Human League, and The Police to name a few. Then came two originals “Light It Up”, followed by “The Floor Is Lava” with both songs getting airplay from Little Steven’s Underground Garage. You can catch their weekly live stream on Facebook, YouTube, Patreon, and Twitch on Tuesday nights at 8 pm EST -

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